Fine Grind. Established; 2013

We are a small Independent, family run business with a deep purpose at the heart of what we do. We are brothers, Matt and James, and we work in the business every day to ensure that our strong family
connection is reflected, we do this with genuine realness & our informal approach to service within our community. You will find us in either one of our cafes most days, and we intend to grow through ensuring the best possible coffee and interactions are embodied in Fine Grind, every day.

Our locations suit different tastes whilst ensuring only the very best in speciality single origin coffee. With a traditional / modern food offering to compliment the coffee, we do simple, fresh, café food, that’s it.

We are truly dedicated in creating that connection in our community, a place for people to sit, to vibe, to meet, read, it’s about connection in many ways.


We are obsessed with coffee culture through and through. Since 2013, constantly in pursuit of the perfect cup, we grind, dose, extract & pour our best daily, consistently, obsessively.

Of course, it’s about the coffee, but it starts with ‘People’, our team, and the people we serve, our community that support us, as we in turn support them, it really is about community. More now than it ever has been it is important for people to come together and share, share a coffee, a meal, a connection, together we are stronger, and we are genuinely honoured to be able to provide a place for that connection, coupled of course with great coffee.
Coffee, connection, community.

We have made Tunbridge Wells our home and feel that we are part of the community, it is our aim to ensure that we can give back where we can. That means possibly hosting your business as a platform to get up and running, providing training and guidance to the youth, sometimes those not so young too, and of course, a sanctuary to those that require a little downtime to relax, and just be, these are our core values.

We have extensive experience in the hospitality biz, but mainly in life & people, this is the driving force behind it all. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to people and respond.

Sincerely at your service,
Matt and James



Five years ago we brought Fine Grind to our local music festival ‘Local & Live’ and since then we have evolved our events offering and have sold our top notch espresso & smoothies to literally thousands of people all over the country. From Americana music festivals, to Michelin Star food events & even making coffee for Russell Brand at his own private parties, and most recently Glastonbury 2022. Fine Grind loves being on the road. Our DNA runs deep & embodies all aspects of brewing, grinding & serving our guests. 

We have now opened up our space for community and private events, so talk to us now about your event, we will make your coffee dreams come true or even your cocktails flow, we have recently hosted a 50th birthday party and a wonderful Female empowerment event. This is what we do.  

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